The HOSPITALITY 10 CARD is a discount dining program that provides members with a 10% to 33% discount off at some of the best  Local Restaurants & Retailers in Staten Island,  New York City and New Jersey. Yes, that includes alcohol as well!

The benefits of your membership goes beyond dining discounts to provide savings on flowers and gifts, private chef services, a beer distributor, a retail wine shop, a chocolate store, wine making and a local brewery.


             EAT at one of our restaurants. When the check comes to your table, put your personalized membership card & form of payment inside the bill and the server takes care of the rest.   There are no embarrassing coupons, computer print outs or giving your cell phone to the server to claim your discount. It is stylish, yet discrete savings that fits in your wallet.



1. Save money all year long! We're talking Hundreds of dollars

2. Accepted at almost 60 Restaurants & Retailers and Growing Every Month

3. Unlimited Usage and Savings throughout your membership

4. Discounts range from 10% to 33%

5. Use your discount on Pickup & Delivery orders at some restaurants


Become a Member or Renew Your Membership Today!

Buying a Hospitality 10 Card creates a substantial positive impact by saving yourself money all year long, supporting the local small business community and by giving us the opportunity to help create more local jobs. Please input your discount/promo code below and click the Buy Now button to purchase.

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See what people are saying about us:


"Thanks to the Hospitality 10 Card for allowing us to save more than $15 this past Saturday night at The Twisted Dish. Including our bar tab! Having and using this card makes a night out when we have to pay for a sitter that much more affordable. Can’t wait to use our card again soon at one of the many restaurants the Hospitality 10 card is partnered with!”

-Denise E.

 “I have been a Hospitality 10 Card client for the past few months and with the amount I saved during this time was equivalent to two memberships. The participating restaurants are great and the card is so easy to use! This is a great gift idea! I already started purchasing a few for the holidays!”

-Laura S

“I used my Hospitality 10 card the other night at Da Noi...saved myself some money & had a fantastic meal!!! Couldn’t have been easier!!! Looking forward to many more delicious meals & savings!!!”

-Alissa T.

“The H10 card really comes in handy when i’m taking clients out for business dinners. Staff is exceptionally helpful as well.”

 -Dennis M.