Restaurant Loyalty Program (Participant Program):

The Restaurant Loyalty Program is only available to locally owned restaurants that are yearning to increase patronage, raise awareness to new clientele and reach a direct target market that will render steady long-term revenue. Our program delivers you the 24kt gold of the market place; avid local diners with expendable income, who dine out 4 to 8 times a month.  Contact us for more information or to set up an appointment.

Corporate Membership:

By incorporating this customized, yet seamless solution into your employee benefits program, the Hospitality 10 Card can help your company save money, increase employee morale and support the local community. Learn More

Professional Membership:

Are you a referral driven business or looking to increase your customer base by word of mouth? We can provide you with an automatic and hands-off way for you to stay in touch with your best clients and referral source; every month and all year long. Learn More

Web Design:

A website is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to your business. Consider it your first impression! People will attempt to visit your site before they visit your business. Potential customers can learn about your business, location, products and services at their own discretion. Unlike you, your website works 24 hours a day. We will construct a website that is clean, crisp, loaded with the proper content and the functionality needed to help bring customers through the doors.


We draw from our experience, knowledge & expert contacts to help restaurant owners grow their business and increase profit margins. We can provide guidance on: project management, process improvement, marketing, staff development, customer loyalty solutions, data analytics, menu development and design.

Social Media (SM) Creation and Management:

Social Media generates a “buzz” about your business and is a low cost vertical to release your message into a large target market. Having a social media presence is an effective way to gain referrals and word of mouth advertising. People love to voice their satisfaction, as well as their dissatisfaction with businesses and their products and services.

SM Creation: We will build your page while providing you with your first post/notification, join topic related groups, get you started connecting and building relationships, as well as uploading media content. Upon creation of SM page(s), ongoing marketing services and consulting can be provided.

SM Management: After set up, we will monitor, contribute, measure and guide the social media presence of your business. We can dedicate an agreed upon amount of time per month to build your brand.

Special Events Marketing:

If your venue is hosting a special event (wine tasting, private party or a launch) we can provide you with an excellent marketing campaign. H10 can create your invite, advertise and send out notifications via our social media channels, send email invites to members and even post your event on the Hospitality 10 Card website.

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